First run in less than 3 weeks! Ahhhhhhh

Welcome!  Please take a tour of this website and learn more about our very cool project in support of Children in Vietnam with HIV/AIDS.

The first 1/2 Marathon is less than 3 weeks away. Elyse is totally ready as she and Patrick ran the Park to Park 1/2 marathon in Holland on Saturday. I’m still in training but I ran 11 miles on Monday and did pretty well!   A good confidence builder.

Most importantly, please consider sponsoring Elyse and I on this run to support our very cool project in Vietnam. The accomplishments of our team in Vietnam have been amazing as I hope you can see from this website.

To sponsor us, click here: DONATE

I hope you enjoy this website!  Thanks for you kind support.

peace to all


Dan with Child 2007

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