May 2015 Update

I can’t believe it is May already. I want to thank all who have supported and who have interest in this important project.  Our two 1/2 marathon fundraisers in October and November were very successful and you can see the results on the “Sponsors” page. And, it was great to run with my two wonderful daughters who both kindly slowed down to my running pace!

In April we kicked off the construction of two new houses and we will be starting a third in May.  I will soon post details of the children and families that we are supporting with these projects. And, an update on the many other activities of the Warm Hold team in support of over 80 children with HIV and their caretakers.

I’m in training again and have targeted three (YES…three) half marathons for the fall which just confirms that I must be insane! But every mile I run I can visualize the difficult situation of these children and how we can help to make their lives better.

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