Housing Support Update II

Like I said before, it’s been a busy year for the Warm Hold team. Here are three other housing projects.

Huy:  Tran Quoc Huy is a 5 years old boy with HIV who was born in Long Vinh commune, Chau Thanh district, Tay Ninh province. His father died of AIDS. He is living with his mother, a countryside woman with no job and is illiterate. Under suffering situation, she does house-work for any family to earn a little income for both mother and child. Huy is malnourished and very small for his age. It’s hard to image the conditions they were living in when you see the photos below. The Warm Hold team in cooperation with other local donors has provided them a safe and healthy place to live. This house was just completed in August.

Before and after photos.House2Combined

Phuoc: Phuoc is a 4-year-old boy with HIV. Phuoc’s father died of AIDS in 2012, and his mother abandoned him. His grandmother, Thi Toi, who is 63 years old, has taken on the challenge of raising a young child with HIV, and works hard to sell lottery tickets on the streets to support her grandson and herself.

In January, I first met Phuoc and his grandmother, who at that time had a serious snakebite on her hand. It was not a pretty sight. They were living in a terribly unsafe and dilapidated shack. The Warm Hold team, in cooperation with the local government and a local donor, built them a new house providing a safe and healthier living environment, and providing hope for an improved life.

Before and after photos;


CAM: THACH MONG CAM, was born in 2009. Nationality : Khmer – Vietnamese. Living in CAU TRE hamlet, PHU CAN commune, TIEU CAN district, Tra Vinh province. The house is almost collapsed and very dangerous for those people who are living inside the house.

The mother and girl are HIV infected. Her husband died by AIDS. The girl does not go to school yet, and suffers from both Poverty and the sicknesses associated with HIV. I met this family in January of 2014 and visited this home. Their house was in terrible condition as you can see from the photos. In August of 2015, we are starting to build a new home for them. Project update will follow in a few months at completion of the project.

Photos of existing house.


A big thanks to Hoang and the Warm Hold Association Team for their great work on improving the lives of these children and caretakers. And thanks for the local governments, local donors  and other contributors for their support.

Peace to all



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