Housing Support Update

It’s been a busy year for the Warm Hold Association Team. One area of activity has been improving the housing situation of several children and their caretakers.  Addressing housing problems has been considered essential to provide adequate support to a caregiver’s families. 

Here is a brief summary.

  1. I visited this young boy and his grandmother in January of 2014 in Cau Ke district of Tra Vinh province.  Actually, I had to ride on a motor bike for about 15 minutes to get the the home as it is not accessible by car. The family is very poor and the grandmother has health issues and unable to work. The home was in incredibly poor condition and falling apart. The Warm Hold Team coordinated the effort to build a new home providing both a safer and healthier environment to live in. (See the following before and after photos. )


2. In October I provided an update about Thuy and Nhu, two sisters with HIV. This is a photo of Thuy and Nhu, their two young cousins, their Aunt, and the Warm Hold team members inside the new house. I visited this family in January of 2014 (Old House). These two girls are so full of life and I can truly say they were an inspiration for me. The Warm Hold Team has made a huge improvement in the lives of this family with the new house and micro-loan to start a new business.


Peace to all



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