Update from the Warm Hold Association Team

  1. A big congratulation to the Warm Hold Association Team. In cooperation with the local Tra Vinh Ethnic Minority Department, we have just completed upgrades for the house for, Thach Chi Hoa (14 years old) and Thach Thi Thu Lan (11),  brother and sister both with HIV. (See February update below).

The new house upgrades greatly improves their living conditions by providing a solid floor for the house (now dirt), brick wall (now leaf panels), a toilet (now in the grass) and other improvements. At the house hand-over ceremony, the local AIDS Center also presented a standing fan, the provincial Women’s Union donated 2 blankets, volunteers of Associations gave anti-mosquito nets and school supplies to the kids. This is a very happy family.

This spring, they young boy, Thach Hhai Hoa, was very weak and suffering with an acute lung inflammation which was making his HIV treatment difficult. The Warm Hold Team stepped in to help provide support for hospitalized medical assistance. He is now doing much better.

We now have 4 personal sponsors mobilized to provide monthly regular nutritional support to improve and maintain the physical condition of both children in order to get ARV (antiretroviral) treatment effectively.

Brother & Sister Photos

2. In February, I reported of our visit to the home of Kim Vy Thay,  (11 years old) from Tra Vinh province (Scroll down to see his story). We are so sorry to report that Vy Thay died a few weeks after my visit. He was a brave young boy who only wanted to live a normal life. Our prayers go to Vy Thay and his caretaker family. We have continued to work on the house improvements that our team committed  for the family who sacrificed much to care for Vy Thay. It is very heartbreaking.


KiVy Thay,  (11 years old)

3. There is another child suffering form severe nutrition issues and exhaustion named Thach Thi Mong Cam, in Tra Vhnh province. She is cared for by her grandmother.  We are providing regular food assistance for the girl and looking to provide support for the grandmother by providing a bicycle to carry the girl to school each day, and a small loan to purchase and resell local vegetables for income to take care of her granddaughter. I’ll keep you updated on the status.

Mong Cam

Keep in mind that good health of an HIV infected child is very critical for the success of the HIV treatments.

4. To prepare for the new school year 2016-2017, a total of 68 children in HoChiMinh City, Tay Ninh and Tra Vinh Provinces, were given a good meal and  “scholarships” to help ensure their continued education.  In total there were 68 small scholarships provided, including 4 for kindergarten, 35 primary, 19 secondary, 10 high school and 1 university. The scholarships  can include rice, other nutritional food, lucky money, a personal gift, schools supplies including notebooks and school bags and direct financial support. Helping the children get an education is a high priority for the team to ensure self sufficiency as the child grows older. This is often a challenge as too often, the child is pulled out of school and put to work to support an elderly caretaker who has little income.

School Scholarships


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