Some 2019 Activities

Here is a snapshot of some of the work of the Warm Hold team for 2019 and currently in process.

We are supporting the construction or renovation of three homes this year. Here is a view of two of them that are active now.

Thach Ly An is 7 years old and has HIV.  She is the youngest of 3 children but the only one infected with HIV.  They have no producing land or regular job.  Her mother works odd jobs around the village to earn income. The oldest sister, 14 years old, dropped out of school to look for work to help the family. You can see from the photos that the house is in very poor conditions and not safe for the family.  Our team has been working with the local government  and others to help provide the necessary resources to build a new home for the family. The cost of the new home is about $4,000 with $1,700 from our team and $1,300 from the local government and $1,000 from relatives. The new home will include an indoor toilet.

House 1

House 2

1)Nguyen Khan, who is infected with HIV, is 11 years old and one of three children of mother My Dung living in Thanh Tan hamlet. They live in a very poor situation and the house they occupy is not fit to live in. My Dung is working to provide for her family but cannot afford the cost of home reconstruction. The great dream of the family is to have a safe home for the children to stay and study while they are still healthy. Our team is working with the local government to provide a new and safe home for the family. The house has now started construction.

House B 1

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