Welcome! We invite you to look around this website and learn more about our project to support Children in Vietnam with HIV/AIDS

We put this website together to give friends and family a better idea of an important initiative we are supporting. We are especially interested to get children to check us out so that they may have a better awareness of the challenges facing other children.

We have been supporting this initiative of care for HIV infected children (mostly orphans), under the leadership of good friend in Vietnam, Mai Thi Kim Hoang (a.k.a. Hoang), who has dedicated her life to provide support for these children and their caretakers. Our organization is called the “Warm Hold Association”. In 2007, we worked with 17 children in Ho Chi Minh City.  Today, we work with over 115 children in Ho Chi Minh City and more impoverished areas of Tay Ninh province near the Cambodia boarder and Tra Vinh province in the Mekong Delta region.


It’s been my pleasure to work with, support, and be a part of the Warm Hold team of 25 volunteers, as we work to make the world a better place. And to see first hand the positive effect on the lives of so many children in such a difficult situation. We welcome you to be a part of this adventure.

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